Bonjour, ya'll!



Welcome to my new site!!!

I'm very excited to share some of my illustration work with you. Most importantly, I am very excited to finally have a real website! I feel legit!!! Anyways... If you haven't read my "ABOUT" page yet, my name is Grace and I'm new in town (Montreal, that is!). I used to live in Chicago for 11 years and one day, I decided that it was time for a change (LIKE MAJOR ONE ! )  and I decided to pack my bags and returned to the motherland, Indonesia. It was hard leaving Chicago but the one year I spent it in South East Asia was the best one and I have had a lot of those by the way :)

Spending one year in Indonesia (and sometimes, I travelled to the neighboring countries as well) truly has opened up so many doors to me, creatively and personally. I will get into these stories one of these days... But, just to get a feel of who I am and my works, you may take a look at my old site www.hellosleepywhale.com